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7 fresh, fun and casual seafood menu ideas

These seafood dishes are made for grab-and-go, preferably in flip-flops and with a laid-back attitude, if even just for that lunch break.

While the siren song of fancy seafood runs deep (lobster Thermador, seafood towers with a dry ice fog, sushi sliced with years of practice), there’s much to be said about discovering its more casual side.

We found onsite chefs setting sail and charting delicious new courses with venerable seafood classics like fish ‘n chips and shrimp scampi. And ‘new classics’ like poke bowls are also splashing onto the scene, which is set for grab-and-go, ease of movement and a casual, laid-back vibe when it comes to seafood. Think of a peel-and-eat shrimp shack within earshot of crashing waves, and you’ll get close to the right mindset. In addition, chefs are playing with more global flavors than ever and making conscious use of sustainable species when it comes to creating seaworthy menu items. Seafood sandwiches, from bao to whole grain to brioche, offer even more fast-casual-friendly opportunities to get more fish onto the menu.

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