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7 veggie-forward ways to stir fry through the summer

Using an interchangeable variety of farm-fresh vegetables (and fruits, too) gives stir fry menus crunch, color and great nutrition. Plus, get the recipes.

Stony Brook University’s Executive Chef Rob Loria aims for the rainbow when summer stir fry season hits. “When I make a stir fry with fresh summer vegetables, I always want it to be vibrant, so the colors of the vegetables pop and the students are enticed by the meal,” Loria says.

And that’s it in a nutshell! The beauty of stir frying in the summer lies in its simplicity—a quick flash of heat and the veggies get crisp-tender and are allowed to shine with all their fresh flavor.

Loria uses summer’s bounty as a color wheel in the wok with broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, red onions, yellow squash and multi-color bell peppers.

“With an abundance of fresh flavor coming right of the farm, it’s hard to choose just one summer veggie as my favorite,” he says.

Click through to see a few of Loria’s and others’ colorful stir fry creations.

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