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8 traditional and not-so-traditional ways to tango with Cuban food

Traditional Cuban food, from lechon to tostones and the classic Cuban sandwich inspires new interpretations, like Cuban burgers and even a Cuban sandwich with an Indiana twist.

While Miami food has lots of Latin American influences, Cuban cuisine holds a place of honor, with its rich flavors, pork preparations and of course, that famous sandwich. At University of Miami Health System (UHealth), the Morrison Healthcare team shared the tradition of lechon, a showy and succulent way with pork at an “Our Table” event.

Executive Sous Chef Omar Flores and Sous Chef Yosvani Rosete put on an amazingly pork-o-rific winter feast, from prepping pigs to carving them in front of doctors. Lechon relleno asado (roasted/stuffed suckling pig) and rabo encendido (Cuban oxtail stew) were the main dishes, and the reaction from attendees was basically, “Let’s tango!”

“Lechon relleno asado is the best way to present a pork dish for big groups of people…that whole-hog presentation just gives it that extra love,” Flores says. “And then we decided to stuff it, using carnitas and sweet plantains, two of my most favorite Cuban elements.”

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