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8 ways to give pad Thai a try

The classic noodle dish pad Thai is many Americans’ first introduction to the bright, tart, unmistakable flavors of Thai food.

Thai food’s ability to customize with vegetable-forward options and interchangeable proteins makes it a great choice for onsite chefs. Morrison Healthcare’s Retail Marketing culinary has developed the Nice Thai concept with those elements in mind.

Chef Jeffrey Quasha, Morrison Healthcare’s director of retail culinary innovation, says guests are really getting into fast-casual global trends, “which continues to drive our innovation and need to offer authentic global dishes and concepts.”

Designed to be prepared exhibition-style, Nice Thai can work as a pop-up or one-day takeover, with chefs creating spicy tofu pad Thai with stir-fried noodles, toothsome tofu, scallions, scrambled egg, cabbage, cilantro and spicy pad Thai sauce.

Other versions of pad Thai at Morrison’s Nice Thai concept include a chicken-shiitake mushroom pad Thai, a shrimp and rice noodle peanut salad, a spicy pickled cucumber salad and veggie-herb spring rolls. As you can imagine, using pad Thai as a springboard is going to give you lots of menu options.

Check out what onsite chefs are doing to add onto the blueprint of classic pad Thai.


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