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FM Best Sandwiches

Best Sandwiches Readers’ Choice: 11 sizzlin’ steak sandwiches from food service chefs

When it comes to “treat yourself” sandwiches, steak is one protein that goes big every time.

There’s just something about a steak sandwich. Whether your mind drifts to Philadelphia at the mention of cheesesteak, or to the 1990s food court of a long-since abandoned mall. Mall food courts may be abandoned, but the cheesesteak lives! Just as steak signals a special meal, something fancy, a way to treat yourself, the steak sandwich does all that, but makes it mobile.

In Food Management’s annual Best Sandwiches competition, we saw quite a few cheesesteaks and also sandwiches making use of steaks in other ways, including one with a very medium-rare steak cut really thick (you’ve got to see it). We also found a variation on the Italian beef sandwich with fried mozzarella in the mix, a chicken-fried steak breakfast sando, a South American cowboy-inspired sandwich and a marvelous mashup of a Carolina pimento cheese sandwich and Cuban ropa vieja (tender marinated beef that’s shredded to look like “torn clothes”).

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