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Cool Recipe Alert: Wild salmon bowl with soba noodles

Created by Erica Holland Toll, chef at The Flavor Lab of Stanford University, this fresh soba noodle bowl with salmon is a sure sign of spring for the menu. “This recipe gives us the opportunity to showcase the wild salmon we use,” she says. “The bright, zesty flavors of the kimchi vinaigrette paired with earthy soba noodles and crunchy vegetables really deliver a delicious bowl.”

YIELD: 8 servings

For salmon bowl:
1 lb. wild salmon
salt and pepper, to taste
1 lb. soba noodles
2 medium yellow gold bar squash, cut into large dice
sesame oil, as needed
1 small head green, purple or white cauliflower, cut into florets
2 cups cherry tomatoes, mixed varieties, cut in half

For kimchi vinaigrette:
1 cup prepared kimchi
1 cup canola oil
½ cup Kikkoman seasoned rice vinegar
¼ cup tamari soy sauce
¼ cup sesame oil
2 Tbsps. Dijon mustard
½ clove garlic, smashed

1 lb. baby spinach
2 Tbsps. black and white toasted sesame seeds

1. For salmon bowl: Season salmon lightly with salt and pepper. Roast at 350°F for 12 minutes, until just cooked through. Cool, chill and flake.
2. Cook soba noodles according to package instructions, drain and chill.
3. Toss squash with sesame oil. Roast at 375°F for 5 minutes until cooked through. Chill.
4. Blanch cauliflower florets until tender. Drain and chill.
5. For kimchi vinaigrette: Puree all vinaigrette ingredients in blender until smooth.
6. To assemble: Divide spinach amongst large serving bowls. Arrange soba noodles, salmon and vegetables on top. Drizzle each with kimchi vinaigrette. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Recipe: Erica Holland-Toll, The Stanford Flavor Lab, Stanford University; Photo: Kikkoman Sales USA

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