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A dozen dressed-up donuts: Surplus of donuts leads to incredible discoveries

When life gave Onondaga Community College’s dining team 500 extra donuts, they made s’mores donuts, Buffalo donuts, Dorito donuts, avocado toast donuts and more.

This solution to food waste turned out to be much sweeter than most—literally. When a harvest party for 500 was cancelled at the last minute at Onondaga Community College (OCC) in Syracuse, N.Y., dining services was left with a whole lot of extra donuts. 

Don McQuarrie, division VP of American Dining Creations, who was visiting OCC for the day, overheard the situation, and was reminded of a local bakery with exciting baked goods.

“Why don’t we do something like that here?” McQuarrie asked. Immediately, Executive Chef Tim Davis, a trained pastry chef, became a mad scientist, creating tiramisu and s’mores donuts. Then, more donut discoveries took a turn for the savory, with pizza donuts, baked potato donuts, Buffalo donuts and yes…even avocado toast donuts. Check out the rest of these amazing donut discoveries that made it into the American Dining Creations’ official recipe database to be used at accounts across the country.

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