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FM’s Menu Madness 2023: Slam-dunking, bracket-busting college eats

Sweet 16? How about sweet basketball cupcakes, sassy barbecue sauce and irresistible cheesy nachos? The schools with teams in the March Madness tournament have had an exciting—and well fed—month of menu madness to fuel fans.

College basketball in the month of March this year has been another fun, exciting ride for fans. And the foodservice pros scored some slam dunks with menu items just for fans who love fun food as much as they love their team. And as they root for those talented teams, the memory just isn’t complete without some epic snacks.

We found madness-inspired baked goods—check out Princeton’s basketball cake—and savory points scored with hotdogs, burgers, tacos, nachos and more. As we move into the month of April, college chefs are making the mental shift into casual summer cookout mode already, as evidenced with items like a BBQ Brisket Burger and a tropical hot dog. Cool details like branded burger buns and consommé for birria score even more points as these college eats go into overtime.

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