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Food service menu trending: 2021 onsite food predictions

Menu ideas across the country for steak, pork and Mediterranean food were also popular stories in December

As 2020 wrapped up, we took the time to predict the top food trends for 2021(something senior writer Tara Fitzpatrick will explain on this week's episode of One on One, Food Management's podcast). Some of the trends included global flavors ranging from the spice of the Calabrian chili to the soothing coolness of Labneh as well as American classics with a twist. Hot dogs with new ingredients and out-of-the-box preparations, birthday cake flavoring and Southern classic – Pimento cheese – are just a few of the new food trends we expect to see onsite in 2021.

Some other trending stories we saw included:

  • 11 out-of-control pork sandwiches from food service chefs
  • 11 sizzlin’ steak sandwiches from food service chefs
  • 10 easy, breezy, grab-and-go snacks from food service chefs

Two of those stories were part of our annual Best Sandwiches contest that greatly expanded in 2020 as Food Management received a record number of inventive and outrageous sandwiches.

See what other stories were trending on Food Management.

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