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Foodservice menu trending: Best Sandwiches winners and readers' choices plus the best K-12 school meals

Plus comfort foods appear on foodservice menus and menu trends from an expert

This month in food and beverage trending stories, Food Management unveiled its Best Sandwiches of 2020.

This year, the decisions were especially tough, as each sando looked more tempting than the last! More fired-up global flavors, more veggie-forward creations, more new twists on classics than ever showed up for this year’s battle of the sammies.

We also noticed an uptick in breaded pork sandwiches (hello, schnitzel!) and cheesesteak-inspired sandwiches, and all we can say is, keep ‘em coming! The American South, Asia and Eastern Europe inspired a lot of sandwiches this year as well. While none of us can travel like we used to, at least a sandwich can take us there one bite at a time.

See who won in this gallery, then head over to this one to find out who made it onto the Readers' Choice list that featuerd 13 fried-chicken sandwiches – one of 2020's biggest food trends.

Food Management also named the Best K-12 Meals in America after asking child nutrition directors to submit their best student meal; here are the 11 winners in categories ranging from beef to chicken and vegetarian.

See what else was trending in food and beverage this month on Food Management.

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