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FM Best Sandwiches

Meet the 2021 Food Management Best Sandwiches winners

The good old sandwich is still the foodservice professional’s BFF. As an indispensable menu item, it’s customizable, portable and can tell a cool story, too. See our picks for the best sandos in the business, straight from the creative minds of top food service chefs, cooks, operators and kitchen crews.

Whoever it was that first put hearty food between bread and took it on the road—we salute you! Today, the sandwich comes in clutch on so many menus, for every daypart, situation and flavor preference your customers can throw at you.

This year, entries for our annual Best Sandwiches contest came in hot, with a great focus on melty cheese, smoked meat, veggie options, cool ingredients, fun mashups, global flavors and creativity throughout.

We’ve selected the most delectable sammies, shawarmas, subs, paninis, wraps, hoagies, cheesesteaks and tortas…all brimming with flavor and sweet sando inspiration, available to-go for all!

The handheld aspect and endless possibilities mean the stalwart sandwich is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier. So, check out the best sandwiches foodservice has to offer in the categories of classic, global, chicken, vegetarian, seafood and our “wild card” category, creativity.

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