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New menu items being launched at NFL stadiums

As the NFL looks to experience a less disrupted season than last year, its concessions and catering partners contribute with some exciting new food and beverage options.

After a 2020 season plagued with quarantines, lockdowns and empty seats, the NFL is looking for better days as it launches its 2021 regular season. That means not only new hope for the fans of each team but the debut of new menu items to enjoy at the stadiums, both in the general seating areas and the premium seats and suites.

Meanwhile, the major catering and concessions companies that operate food & beverage at the league’s venues are trying to rebound from a tough year when customer counts were severely impacted by the pandemic’s effects. Admittedly, the new season does bring challenges beside those due directly to lockdowns and limitations on attendance in the form of labor/product shortages and delivery issues that have plagued most foodservice operators across all markets.

Nevertheless, the new season promises at least a partial return to normality, and concessions operators have responded with some new creations. Here are some unveiled in the early going…

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