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Summer pizza: The sequel

There’s no doubt about it, this was a blockbuster season for chefs making signature pies that scream “summer!” With this kind of pizza inspo, the late-summer harvest will get a glorious send-off before you pick up that first butternut squash or pumpkin-spice smoothie.

When putting together June’s feature story on pizza and accompanying slideshow, we came across more excellent summer pies than we could fit into a single story. As the summer months have flown by, we found even more great pizzas that take advantage of not just juicy tomatoes, but a truckload of farm-fresh goodies like peaches, plums, leeks, mushrooms, pulled pork, grilled chicken, summer sausage, fennel, cherries, strawberries and more. 

With pristine produce as the starting point, chefs cross the culinary finish line with unexpected pairings and standout sauces like Alabama white barbecue sauce, balsamic vinegar, pesto, salsa, Spanish black bean sauce and avocado crema.

It’s been a total blockbuster season for pizzas that feature farm-fresh produce and trendy flavor combinations. Finishing summer strong can showcase your local farm with this pizza-rific sequel as a guide, complete with 16 ideas for primo end-of-summer pie vibes, all ready to try at your welcome party, pizza concept or back-to-school study fest before this summer rides off into the sunset. 

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