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Blender donuts

If It Included Bacon, It Would be Perfect

Chef Rodney Freidank of the Nose Dive Gastropub in Greenville, SC, has come up with one of those ideas that is so brilliant in its simplicity that one wonders why no one has thought of it before. Freidank’s brainstorm?  Why, a Krispy Kreme Brulée, of course.


The recipe is ridiculously simple: puree half a dozen iconic Krispy Kreme glazed donuts with cream, sugar and egg yolks, then bake into a custard and finish off under the broiler (or with a torch) to get that crunchy top.

Just think of the evil one could perpetrate by expanding this same approach to other fiendish treats: Snickers Brulée, Ding Dong Brulée, Little Debbie Brulée…

Oh the humanity!

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