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So Fresh It's Still Moving

A recent story in the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun examines a particularly disturbing form of sashimi called “odori-don,” or “dancing squid bowl.” It is exactly what the name implies: a fresh squid supposedly dead (since its head is cut off) “dances” on its serving platter to either entertain or gross out the diner.

Apparently, the movement is an illusion of continued life. The animal actually is dead but its neurons are activated by the sodium in soy sauce that is poured on it to activate the performance. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that you can do the same thing with fresh frog legs (cue the Looney Tunes orchestra…). The Herald Sun article helpfully notes that the dishes are “not for everyone.” Thanks for the heads up, guys.

For those with a strong stomach, the online article includes video of both the squid and the frog leg performances. You can find it at (

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