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FM On Demand: How to menu seafood for maximum wellness impact, totally on-trend

Morrison Healthcare’s Chef Jeffrey Quasha charts the course for smooth sailing with seafood, offering tips and tricks to take away any intimidation that would keep you from sharing seafood’s many health benefits, especially in a healthcare setting—retail and room service alike.


Seafood’s health benefits are well documented. Slurp an oyster and get 291% of your daily value of zinc, which plays a critical role in the body’s ability to defend itself against infection. Crab, clams, mussels and shrimp are also super high in zinc. Another immunity booster, Vitamin D, is found in salmon and white fish. And selenium, one of the most crucial nutrients for maintaining and improving immune function, comes standard in halibut, rockfish and salmon.

While the health benefits are real, sometimes serving seafood in an onsite setting isn’t smooth sailing. Worries about cost, customer appeal and just the fragility of seafood can hold an operator back.

So, we asked Morrison Healthcare’s Director of Retail Culinary Innovation Jeffrey Quasha for his best tips on offering seafood in healthcare, a wellness pairing that deserves to go hand-in-hand. Or should we say hand-in-fin!

Quasha, who was recently inducted into the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF) honor society as a fellow of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), shares menu ideas and tips to make the most out of salmon, shrimp, whitefish and more, incorporating them into Morrison’s suite of cool concepts.


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