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Healthcare On Demand: Morrison Healthcare VP Peggy O’Neill predicts future of dietetics

As she starts her year as President of the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Morrison Healthcare’s Peggy O’Neill shares with us the elements that should be in every dietitian’s playbook.


Ever since she was a freshman in college, Morrison Healthcare Vice President of Nutrition and Wellness Peggy O’Neill has been active with the Florida Academy of Dietetics. Like other dietetics groups, it’s a nonprofit association of dietetic and nutrition professionals who are promoting optimal nutrition and health for the people in their state.

Back in 2001, O’Neill was part of the Academy’s public policy group to lobby for the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act. That act is one of the reasons we hear the general public talking about “food as medicine” more and more often now, 20 years later.

We talk to O’Neill about not just how far dietitians have come, but which key issues might be on their plate for the future. After all, planning ahead for meals and obstacles are skill sets dietitians are known for. O’Neill makes some very informed predictions about what might lie ahead for the world of dietetics.

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