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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: Cleveland Clinic chef on lifelong quest for true meaning of food as medicine

Aramark Healthcare+ Senior Culinary and Wellness Director Josh Ingraham is back in the healthcare dining game after a few innings of ballpark experience and starting his own healthy food to-go business during the pandemic. He’s now ready to delve into food as medicine from a scientific (and flavor-forward) standpoint.


On this episode of FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick, we welcome longtime friend of FM, Chef Josh Ingraham of the Cleveland Clinic. We’ve heard a lot about “food as medicine,” a concept as old as ancient philosophers yet somehow a new concept to people living in the world today. Ingraham, who previously wrangled the food program for the Cleveland Indians (now Guardians) at Progressive Field, where he fueled fans and athletes alike. Now, healthcare has drawn him back in, a field where his innate desire to make a difference in how the people eat can pack the most punch. His flavors are amazing (just recently Josh’s plant-based “crab” cakes recipe was a winner of FM’s Healthcare Recipe Contest.) We also talk about how his wife and kids help rescue stray cats and what being a parent is like today, an age of screen time and processed food delivered fast. Ingraham has a vision, like many chefs, but what sets him apart is his commitment to being a force for the positive power of food.


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