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A grab-and-go Mardi Gras menu gets good times rolling with portable New Orleans favorites

Grab-and-go items make Mardi Gras fun, portable and practical aboard Bryan Health’s faux food truck concept, the Faux’d truck.

In a busy hospital environment, the Mardi Gras revelry of New Orleans and Bourbon Street may seem far away, especially if you’re in Nebraska and it’s winter! But FM Chef to Watch Nazim Khan, executive chef of Bryan Health, has the solution.

Bryan Health’s roving fake food truck, Faux’d was more than ready to get the Mardi Gras menu revved up and rolling with festive menu items like gumbo, jambalaya and the traditional king cake.  

To Khan, New Orleans food “is comfort food done with clean French techniques,” he says. “I like New Orleans gumbo because it’s made with brown roux…I love the brown roux’s nutty flavor. Then, of course, the Cajun spices.”

The one-pot dish that makes a great bowl, jambalaya, reminds Khan of Spanish paella and biriyani in Bangladesh, a true “melting of flavors, proteins and starches,” he says. Check out the jambalaya and other Big Easy items found rolling on the Faux’d truck for Mardi Gras.

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