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Jamaican ‘Virtual Vacation’ food event brings good vibes to Advocate Condell Medical Center

Advocate Condell Diversity & Inclusion Committee and food service team celebrate reggae icon Bob Marley’s birthday, share authentic Jamaican recipes, from jerk chicken to rainbow salad. This, and other special events get folks to notice the hospital’s retail operation again, after too many dormant months.

For Americans living through the pandemic, travel has been one of the most-missed activities. According to a survey conducted last fall, “Americans miss travel more than other life moments,” with more than 90% of respondents showing that travel is their “most frequently recalled happy memory, more than special occasions or personal achievements.” And 66% of those surveyed vowed to “quit putting off special trips” and making new “travel memories” once it’s safe to do so again.

Until then, creative foodservice pros like Anne Markwell of Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Ill., have been staging “virtual vacations” to at least partially satisfy that travel bug…and if not, there were delicious Jamaican flavors and new recipes to try, so no one was complaining.

“The Caribbean event was planned with the Advocate Condell Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair Carol Hawkins, who happens to be Jamaican,” Markwell says. “She shared all of her authentic recipes with us. Her jerk chicken and rainbow salad with papaya are both amazing.”

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