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New Morrison chef introduces himself through food at Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital

Daily special menu items, fun fusion cuisine make a splash on social media, but Chef Brigham “Cookie” Cook has his sights set on more: helping kids with disabilities and growing community gardens.

As the parent of several kids, including one with special needs, Chef Brigham “Cookie” Cook is interested in making a difference for kids everywhere. A few months ago, when he started at Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital, a pediatric hospital in Springdale, Ark., Cook introduced himself to the hospital community through a series of specials.

Digging deeper, you’ll find Cook’s major areas of focus are based in Edible Classroom ideals, which he studied in California, and sparking in an interest in farm to fark for children. Many of Cook’s food education classes were put on hold during the pandemic, but he’s looking forward to gearing up again soon.

“I’m really big on local food,” he says, “that’s what moved me in this direction. I wanted to do something to reach more children, and to implement more kids’ programs, especially for kids who can’t get out of the hospital…to give them something fun.”

Cook’s ultimate goals include expanding a garden and a program for high school age kids with disabilities, teaching them to work in a café and earn food safety licenses and learn skills.

Definitely a few things to follow up on with this chef! In the meantime, here are few of Cook’s first introductory dishes at Arkansas Children’s Hunt Family Café.

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