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One On One
Foodservice staff at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s food service learn stretches and ergonomic moves to keep their bodies safe while working in a busy kitchen.

One On One: Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s Mary Schutz on making workplace safety work for your food service team

Bending, lifting, even using a scoop can all lead to workplace injuries; here’s how one hospital food service team is working on solutions with an ergonomics expert.

It seems there’s a lot of information out there for the ergonomics of desk work, but back-of-the-house foodservice advice is harder to find. We spoke to Food and Nutrition Coordinator Mary Schutz about her project to help everyone ditch bad habits and move better in order to feel better. This is a major step toward avoiding injury doing everything that must be done to keep a foodservice operation up and running.

Schutz says you can never take away the physical work that goes into this job, but there are scientifically proven steps everyone can take to make things safer, more efficient and just smoother for those showing up to work every day.

We take a deep dive into the types of injuries that can occur and Shutz shares with us some of the solutions that she and her team are currently putting into practice after working with experts in workplace ergonomics.

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