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FM On Demand: Why getting in touch with your feelings should top K-12 food service pros’ to-do list

Nutrition Services and Wellness Director Ashley Morena has founded Project School Nutrition and a new app during her “free time.” As a working mom with a full-time job and several passion projects, Morena has found it impossible to operate without filling your own cup in order to better serve others.


Does meditation sound like mumbo-jumbo to you? Consider this your sign to change that mindset and arrive at a state of better wellness that’s full of positives for your foodservice operation, your career and those you serve. The pandemic has brought to the surface, exacerbated and just plain caused lots of mental health problems for folks in every industry.

We talk to Ashley Morena, nutrition services and wellness director at Canton (Ohio) Local Schools, about how and why overall wellness and “taking care of you” is a need, not a want, for school food professionals. Morena has helped her district navigate pandemic life, with all the challenges, scheduling headaches and general exhaustion that entails. And going beyond her local community, Morena is a lively presence in the school nutrition social media world, coaching others and asking questions of experts in topics like meditation and motivation. She’s been hard at work on The Fig App which she envisions as a connector to all stakeholders in school nutrition, including parents and media.

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