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K-12 On Demand: Chef John Sugimura of Taher Inc. on visiting schools to introduce students to Japanese cuisine

John Sugimura is a veteran, accomplished chef who is taking to the road to visit Taher Inc. K-12 clients where students get to enjoy authentic Japanese dishes he prepares and discusses.


FM On Demand are video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken. Check back each week for new episodes.

John Sugimura is a corporate chef for FM Top 50 management company Taher Inc., which operates primarily in the K-12 school market in the Upper Midwest. Sugimura, who also has his own commercial restaurant, PinKU Japanese Street Food in Minneapolis, visits schools on behalf of Taher, where he then prepares and discusses an authentic Japanese dish. The emphasis on Japanese cuisine at both his restaurant and in his sessions with students is a way for Sugimura to honor and celebrate his Japanese heritage.

He talks about this motivation as well as his experiences interacting with youngsters and the importance of such activities in the current pandemic period.

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