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Chicken soup for the school food service soul: 10 feel-good social media moments

This year has been a real bear, but K-12 food professionals know how to not only grin and bear it, but also to share their positivity and kindness with the community through a colorful harvest from local farmers, mood-boosting food and creative ideas to connect with students who may be learning from home, dining in classrooms and everything in between.

When things are tough, looking for the silver linings can seem like a pipe dream. And sometimes scrolling through social media can make things seem even worse.

School foodservice directors, chefs and staff are facing a completely different fall, with challenges abounding. We don’t have to tell you what the coronavirus pandemic has meant for participation, limited serving styles, the need for more pre-packaged food, social distancing, hybrid schedules, confusion and so much more.

If appreciating and finding happiness (and your “why”) within those little moments that make you feel warm inside is chicken soup for the food service soul, then scrolling social media can be a positive, constructive experience (imagine that!)

We looked around at recent posts from school food pros on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show you a few silver linings, fun ideas, menu items that bring the flavor and moments of inspiration during a very trying time.

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