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First day hoorays: 9 seriously cool school menu items

Check out these “first day favorites” from Chartwells K12 accounts across the country, menu items that get the school lunch party started for the new school year.

Remember cracking open that perfectly blank notebook, excited and ready for the year ahead? The school foodservice professionals of Chartwells K12 have been feeling the same way, except instead of blank notebooks, it’s blank menus, waiting to be filled in with favorites, both old and new. 

The focus for the culinary group’s “first day favorites” is on setting the tone, no matter what is served: Making lunch a fun, nourishing part of the school day in the year ahead. 

At Chartwells K12 accounts across the country, the chefs and kitchen crews introduced themselves to students and teachers through fun menu items ranging from walking tacos to a pizza-pasta mashup to a dessert-for-breakfast banana split, a plant-powered bar setup, the hearty stuffed potato all the football players swear by and more. Plus, we revisit Wichita Falls ISD’s Western Burger, a lost-and-found retro recipe favorite FM first heard about a few years ago.

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