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School nutrition trending: Biden Administration wants unionized, full-time school cafeteria workers

Among the five most popular K-12 Food Management articles, the top story was about Biden Administration wanting unionized, full-time school cafeteria workers. A new Biden administration report by a new task force meant to bolster both union membership and worker organizing is recommending that schools should hire cafeteria workers as full-time employees as a measure that could cut down on labor shortages in the sector and give another frontline group the power to bargain for benefits as a collective unit. 

Among other stories in this week’s gallery:

  • Metz traveling educator touts benefits of fruits & veggies with tastings for kids
  • New Jersey bill would require all K-12 schools to have free meal programs
  • CKC Good Food Facility Expansion Means More Business, Better Food
  • Viewpoint: School nutrition director on why foodservice pros should learn about the red meat allergy aka Alpha Gal Syndrome, sooner rather than later
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