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In this episode of Food Management’s podcast, we talk with Jessica Shelly of Cincinnati Public Schools.

One On One With: Feeding Cincinnati’s young scholars during coronavirus

Director of Dining Jessica Shelly talks about the “why” of motivating herself and her team to overcome obstacles every day to keep kids in the community fed.

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In this episode of Food Management’s podcast, we talk with Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS, director of student dining services at Cincinnati Public Schools, a district that has set up many locations for getting food to kids during school closures due to COVID-19.

When the coronavirus pandemic closed schools, many of the neediest kids were suddenly without their usual school food. “It’s like a snow day but multiplied,” Shelly says, describing the sinking feeling school food professionals get on snow days, when they know some kids may not eat on those days when school closes.

Shelly tells us what’s been happening in the often rainy or snowy scenes of spring in Cincinnati, from the front lines of making sure her employees, parents and young scholars (as she calls them) are feeling safe and taken care of. Luckily, that’s something Shelly and her team are good at, always looking to those scholars for the inspiration and the “why” of getting up each day and serving meals.


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