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One On One
In this episode of Food Management’s podcast, One On One, Tara Fitzpatrick talks with Christian Schultz, corporate executive chef with Morrison Living.

One On One With: Morrison Living’s Christian Schultz on troubleshooting and menu development in senior dining food service

The corporate executive chef also talks about how he makes sure things are running smoothly, from menus to staff engagement and patient satisfaction.

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Morrison Living’s Corporate Executive Chef Christian Schultz started his career in restaurants and country clubs.

In this episode of Food Management’s podcast, we talk with Christian Schultz, corporate executive chef with Morrison Living. Contract management company Morrison Living provides foodservice for senior dining facilities all over the country, and Schultz spends most of his time traveling to different accounts and analyzing what’s happening and what needs to be done to meet expectations. 

We’re asking him about working with clients who are committed to caring for our seniors and all the challenges that encompasses. Wellness and special diets are part of it but working together with staff and administration is the behind-the-scenes part.

Schultz also tells us about building strong senior dining menus by including senior-friendly food trends and paying attention to regional preferences. Another aspect Morrison emphasizes is allowing chefs at individual accounts to put their own creative stamp on menus, something that keeps the kitchen staff engaged, and the senior residents (and stakeholders at the accounts) happy.

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