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One On One

One On One With: NC State’s Randy Lait

In Food Management’s inaugural podcast, Lait shares some breaking news about his role with NC State dining, reflects on winning the Silver Plate and how NC State’s ice cream “saved my mother’s life.”


Editor’s Note: Welcome to One On One With, Food Management’s podcast. Every two weeks we’ll share an intimate conversation between an FM editor and an industry icon or thought leader.

We’ll cover topics from hiring, new concepts, consumer trends, management and menu development. Or hear how an operator is increasing participation or meeting changing customer expectations. These one-on-one interviews provide peer learning at its best.

This marks our first podcast, with NC State’s Randy Lait. Check back in in two weeks for our next edition of One On One With.

Randy Lait has spent his entire career at North Carolina State (NC State) dining—his first job was as a student dining employee. After more than three decades in dining, Lait was recently named senior director of administrative services, overseeing campus enterprises like the bookstore.

Food Management caught up with Lait about his career, how collegiate dining has changed and how NC State’s housemade ice cream helped save his mother’s life.

"NC State is a great place to be and it’s been an important part of my life," he says. "I came to NC State as a students and started working in dining because I needed a part-time job. As I finished school, they gave me my first opportunity for my first job. And since then NC State has given me great opportunities to learn and grow."

“People hate change, but everyone loves progress,” Lait says.

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