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One on One With: Spectra concession on what plant-based innovation means to your bottom line

In this edition of the Food Management podcast, we talk with Scott Swiger about how plant-forward thinking has changed Spectra’s culinary and business sides in terms of concessions, catering and more.

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Plant-based buzz tops just about every trends list for the new year. From a chef’s standpoint that means more than adding cauliflower steaks to the menu. Not to mention whether to go with “fake meat” or traditional substitutes like black beans when it comes to veggie burgers. And from Scott Swiger’s, Spectra’s VP of Culinary Excellence, standpoint, plant-based innovation is viewed through several lenses: Dollars and cents, chef creativity, guest experience, flavor profiles and wow-worthy presentations.

Swiger gives Food Management a behind-the-scenes look into the changes happening in Spectra’s test kitchens, how that’s being translated to winning plant-based menus and unexpected developments in what sports fans are looking for in the food they consume while watching the country’s sporting events.

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