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One On One

The top 10 episodes of One On One, the podcast by Food Management

How foodservice operators across the country from healthcare to colleges to K-12 to senior dining have been handling the coronavirus pandemic

Food Management’s podcast, One On One With, gives readers (well, listeners) a chance to hear an in-depth interview with an industry leader across all segments of the market.

This year, to accommodate many of the workers in the industry who became essential workers and remained at their on-site jobs throughout lockdowns and quarantines to ensure students, seniors or those in hospitals were fed safely, we released a podcast every single week.

These in-depth, intimate conversations with industry icons and thought leaders focused on topics including hiring, new concepts, consumer trends, management and menu development and ranged from K-12 lunch ladies to commentary on the USDA’s floundering over school meal waivers.

Among our top podcasts of the year:

  • Feeding K-12 students during the school year;
  • Technology solutions for the post-coronavirus campus; and
  • District experiments with preordering lunches.

Some multiple-episode arcs include the organization ScratchWorks, an initiative created to introduce scratch cooking to K-12 schools, and how to promote that during coronavirus along with multiple foodservice professionals on how the USDA’s school meal waivers impact operations at all stages of the announcements, from the initial move to end the waivers to the eventual extension.

Listen to more of our podcasts here and don’t forget to subscribe on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Soundcloud.

Here are the top ten Food Management podcasts of 2020.

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