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German Menu Theme Ideas

German Menu Theme Ideas

 Germany has a rich culture of street foods. Around lunchtime you'll find vendors frying sausages and baking fresh pretzels. Transform a grab and go station or lunch cart into a German street vendor. Tuck large frankfurters into bread rolls and top with sauerkraut. Fill the air with the sweet smells of liquorice, aniseed or the frying of doughnuts.

 In a land where family, faith and fantasy are so beloved, the Yuletide (even the name has German roots) is very special indeed. Most of our own celebrations, including Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, and gingerbread cookies originated in Germany. Celebrate the Yuletide with Christkindlmarkt, a festival in which town centers (or cafés) are transformed into pre-Christmas marketplaces offering toys, goodies and traditional Yule décor.

 Zuckertuete (literally translated"candy bag") is a German tradition played out every Septem-ber at the start of the school year.The First Day of School, Einschulung, is a very special event that symbolizes the importance of a child's formal education. The Zuckertuete is a special cone-shaped container that is about three feet tall and filled with candy, toys and school supplies.

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