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Top 10 Breakfast Trends for 2011

Top 10 Breakfast Trends for 2011

The Food Channel identifies leading breakfast trends

1. Oatmeal in Overdrive — oatmeal is becoming a real mainstream staple

2. Chocolate for Breakfast — with its healthful benefits, chocolate is being promoted as a breakfast product

3. Fast Foods Battle Over Breakfast — the breakfast daypart has become the key battleground in the quick service restaurant category

4. Haute Coffee Comes Home — to save money, caffeine-seekers are opting to brew their own coffee at home

5. Ethnic Invasion — global influences start to creep into the morning meal

6. Beverage Choice Choke — breakfast drink menus keep expanding beyond coffee and O.J.

7. Hot Pizza in the A.M. — pizza is predicted to be one of the hottest menu items for breakfast

8. Breakfast Ingredients All Day Long — breakfast ingredients work their way into other parts of the daily menu

9. The Breakfast Two-Step — a pattern of people fueling up with caffeine and protein in a two-stage process

10. Eggs Crack the Top Ten — eggs to hatch a big comeback this year

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