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Chilled watermelon soup by Blendtec
<p>Chilled watermelon soup by Blendtec</p>

3 Quick Bites: What did fruits and veggies look like before GMOs?

What did fruits and veggies look like before GMOs?
GMOs (genetically modified foods) are in the news a lot lately, mostly because of consumers’ growing concern about them. However, to put things in context, Business Insider has an interesting article featuring modern fruits and vegetables that look very different now, after being genetically modified generations ago. Some of these examples (especially the watermelon!) are mind-boggling to look at, and also lend a different perspective to one of today’s most controversial food buzzwords.  

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Super Bowl fans splurge on food
Seeing a Super Bowl live and in person? Priceless. Eating at Levi Stadium during the game? That ran about $87.57. According to ESPN, that’s how much the average fan spent on food and drink. Centerplate reported that 26,000 hot dogs and sausages were sold. Other options included crab sandwiches, a sausage with gold flakes, vegan barbecue sandwiches and more. 

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Why do Catholics eat fish on Fridays?
What do a medieval pope, Henry VIII and the Filet-O-Fish have in common? They’re all part of the history of why Catholics eat fish on Fridays. NPR takes a closer look at the tradition and separates myth from fact about theology, the fishing industry and the global economy. 

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