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3 Quick Bites: When knife skills go wrong

3 Quick Bites: When knife skills go wrong

Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.

When knife skills go wrong
“What’s the worst you’ve ever cut yourself in the kitchen?” This question can lead to some truly terrifying stories. Bon Appétit magazine compiled a few chefs’ answers to that question, bone-chilling nicks, punctures, sushi knives and all.

Not for the squeamish, read on if you dare >>

Ever made cereal milk?
One of the iconic items at Momofuku Milk Bar (one of David Chang’s many super-cool restaurants in NYC) is cereal milk. It’s a starchy-sweet elixir that can be downed straight up, poured over actual cereal, or turned into panna cotta or ice cream. It’s surprisingly simple to make it yourself, and looks like a grab ‘n go opportunity waiting to happen.

Lucky Peach has the details >>

Truffle Envy
An all-truffle menu? Warning: reading this may make your hometown mall food court selections seem awfully…inadequate. The Dubai Mall now has the Truffle Restaurant, located inside Mario Batali’s Eataly Dubai. Luxurious menu items include “organic egg tagliolini with sage sauce, bread crumbs and shaved white truffles; and risotto topped with—you guessed it—more shaved white truffles,” according to Eater.

Read more about truffle-centric dining >>

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