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Poultry Withou Borders: Duck

Poultry Withou Borders: Duck

Duckling just may be the new darling on noncommercial menus. If you're one of those who has shied away from menuing duck in the past, reconsider.

Duckling is perhaps the most flavorful of birds when prepared as a classic roast. The succulent meat beneath the crisped skin is tender and juicy—not fatty.

"We rub duck with an Asian spice blend—or a Thai marinade, or an orange cranberry glaze—and serve it like chicken—split in half or in quarters," says Scherger. "The fat simply melts away cooking the bird to perfection."

Wary of the ingredient cost? In the past, many onsite operators only offered duck for catered events (see Duck Salad recipe) because it was too costly for daily menu planning. But today there is a wide range of products available for the cost-conscious chef. Check out these alternatives, from indivudal IQF raw product to pre-marinated, pre-cooked strips. Duck is a more viable option today than ever before.

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