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Air Force Begins Foodservice Revamp Pilot

Air Force Services Agency officials are slated to begin testing a reorganization of Air Force food services this fall with a pilot program at six Air Force installations across the U.S. The pilot program, called the Food Transformation Initiative, will test a food delivery model aimed at improving quality, variety and availability of food at Elmendorf (AL) AFB, Fairchild (WA) AFB, Little Rock (AR) AFB,MacDill (FL) AFB, Patrick (FL) AFB and Travis (CA) AFB.

"Our approach will enable us to apply industry best practices and expertise to ensure we are delivering quality and consistency," says Col. Patrick Dunn, the director of the services operations directorate, headquarters Air Force Services Agency. "Our goal is to find efficiencies in how we deliver food. However, our focus will continue to be on the customer -- the Airmen and their families -- in ensuring their food and dining needs are met."

Officials are optimistic that FTI will do more than create efficiencies. It will also adjust an installation's food service operations to meet the lifestyles, needs and preferences of customers, and restore a sense of community by expanding the eligibility of customers who can use these facilities.

FTI also reorganizes the way the Air Force manages food service. A centralized Air Force management team will manage one competitively selected contractor that will provide expertise and best practices to the installations, rather than multiple contractor performing similar work. A unique aspect of FTI is that the installation's leadership can determine which of their nonappropriated-fund food operations will be included in the centralized FTI contract.

"Food outlets directly involved with FTI may see improvements to their facilities and operations that will ultimately result in more customers purchasing more meals," Col. Dunn says.

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