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Northeastern opens cybercafe

Northeastern opens cybercafe

A place to grab a quick bite and some bytes.

Coffee, comfortable chairs, snacks, a place to meet friends and Internet access. What more can a college student want in life?

Apparently, not much, which is the reason that the new Cybercafe on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston has become such an “in” spot. What was once an austere reception room in the bowels of the Snell Library has been transformed through a $500,000 renovation into a 24-hour, seven-day hangout where students can grab a drink, snack or even meal while using one of the 160 IBM and iMac computers to complete classwork or surf the web.

Modeled after popular coffee shops, the foodservice offerings include coffee, tea, juices, fresh fruits, salads, snacks and even lunch and dinner entrees.

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