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Parkhurst Launches Healthy Global Cuisine Program

Parkhurst Launches Healthy Global Cuisine Program

Initiative encompasses more than 250 international recipes.

HEMI-POWERED. Parkhurst’s new Hemisflavors program uses more fresh produce for a healthier profile, like in this Brazilian feijoada.

Parkhurst Dining Services recently launched Hemisflavors, a concept featuring more than 250 fresh global cuisine recipes, prepared authentically with raw ingredients indigenous to Brazil, Greece, India, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam.

Designed to meet the needs of customers interested in world culinary traditions, Hemisflavors will be incorporated into Parkhurst’s daily menus in college and business dining environments, where it is expected to complement the company’s “made from scratch” approach and strengthen its healthy dining offerings.

Hemisflavors presents Parkhurst’s chefs and operations with a wider range of ingredients, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as new flavors, recipes and menu concepts. It also features whole grains and lean proteins, expands food and beverage options with little or no added sugars, and also reduces salt and sodium in food preparation

Weekly menu cycles are designed to give units flexibility for at least three daily meal parts.

“For example, one day might feature a beverage, entrée and dessert from Greece, while another day may feature a salad, snack and side from Mexico,” says Hemisflavors developer Bill Albright. “Cultural information, recipes and well-informed and trained associates will be able to describe the program, the day’s selections, and make recommendations if guests ask for complimentary flavors.”

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