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Philly Community Kitchen Moves Into New Digs

Philadelphia area nonprofit Cathedral Kitchen will move into a new permanent home for the first time in more than 30 years, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal. The agency, which serves the city’s poor, had been operating in the gym of a closed high school, but now will have its own building with twice the space, nearly 15,000 sq.ft., and increased seating capacity.

In addition to serving as a communal dining site for the indigent, Cathedral Kitchen’s new facility will allow it to expand its Nutritious Nibbles program from one to four clients. Nutritious Nibbles sends healthy snacks to after-school programs, using donated food and volunteer packers. The facility will also host a culinary arts training program starting in January. Students will complete 14-week courses that will include the final two weeks in internships. Aramark and Sodexo have already agreed to host interns from the program. The building also features a medical suite, including dental and vision care.

The project's $3.9 million cost was picked up by public agencies and private donations, including $150,000 from the Campbell Soup Foundation.

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