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Report: Feed Every Child Policy Costs Deficit-Strapped SFUSD Over $500,000

San Francisco USD School Nutrition Services accrued charges of over $500,000 for meals to students who did not pay for them and who were ineligible for federally subsidized meals, according to an investigative report in the BeyondChron online daily.

The district board of education had passed the Feeding Every Hungry Child resolution two years ago mandating that students without money to pay and not eligible for free/reduced meals still be served regardless. One unintended result of the policy seems to be that schools and families take their time filling out and collecting meal application forms, and some principals send all their students through the lunch line whether they qualify for free meals or have money to pay if they don't.

The district Nutrition Services department currently runs a deficit of over $2 million, which must be made up with general funds.

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