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Students Compete to Create School Recipes

Wednesday's cook-off, organized by [Boulder Valley School District] as part of its efforts to offer healthier, better food at its schools, featured student teams from Centaurs and Monarch high schools and two from Broomfield High. The teams consisted of five or six students enrolled in catering classes as part of their school's Family and Consumer Sciences program.

The teams faced the daunting task of creating a pasta-less casserole dish in three hours or less. The goal was to create a dish that would tickle the taste buds of your average third-grader at a cost of about $1.20 per serving, while still being easy to mass produce and meeting U.S. Department of Agriculture and district nutritional guidelines. On the line was a $500 check for the winning school's catering program, donated by Chipotle, and a spot on the district's lunch menu next school year.

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