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UMASS Chocolate 101

UMASS Chocolate 101

Now that's a sweet class!

This is a credit UMass students can't wait to earn. Chocolate 101, a three-and-a-half hour, hands-on session with University of Massachusetts Chef Simon Stevenson, teaches students how to bake with chocolate.

“This class is for the chocohalic…” reads the flier that was posted on campus. Students eagerly signed up, and the class was full within seven days, with students who are on the meal plan eligible to bring their chocolate fantasies to life.

Held in the UMass bakeshop production kitchen, the class featured instructions on such sweet chocolate indulgences as Chocolate Dipped Tuxedo Strawberries (those cute little guys that are so irresistible and often found at catered events), Hand Rolled Truffles, Peppermint Bark and the showstopping Chocolate Lava Cakes.

UMASS Chocolate 101
UMASS Chocolate 101 UMASS Chocolate 101

UMass Director of Dining Services Ken Toong sees the class as “a great way to create value and excitement for students on the meal plan.”

Next semester, four more classes of Chocolate 101 will be offered, along with four each classes of Baking 101 and Cooking 101.

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