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FM’s Top 20 stories of 2021

How operators coped with the pandemic as it began its second year of societal disruption dominated FM’s industry coverage this year.

Not surprisingly, the most read stories of 2021 had to do with the ongoing pandemic, which seemed to wane early in the year as vaccines started to become available, but then resurged as new variants emerged. Nevertheless, it was a much better year for the industry as a whole than 2020—really, how could it be worse?—as operators began to adapt to the new environment with a series of innovations and adaptations that not only allowed them to weather the year with some renewed business success during the year but hopefully positioned them for successful operation in the coming years.

FM’s top stories of 2021 include many of our roundup and analysis features looking at how operators in the various onsite markets innovated in the face of crisis, along with a couple of major news stories capped by the recent fiscal year results announcements from the largest contract management companies in the industry that show a slow climb back toward pre-pandemic numbers. In addition, our top stories list includes a couple of signature culinary features, our celebration of foodservice heroes and of course the 2021 Best Concept Awards and 2021 Top 50. 

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