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Food Management now accepting Best Sandwich nominations baibaz/iStock/Thinkstock

Food Management now accepting Best Sandwich nominations

Inaugural competition seeks to find the best sandwiches in the industry

Sandwiches are the quintessential lunch item. But these menu powerhouses aren’t just for the midday meal. To help celebrate the power of the sandwich, Food Management is hosting an inaugural Best Sandwich competition.

We’re looking for the best sandwiches in the following categories:
Global flavors
Regional flavors

Items may be entered into multiple categories, and FM reserves the right to reclassify entrants if necessary. 

Here’s how to enter.

For each nomination, we will need to following:

· Hi-res photo
· A description of the menu item and any notes on its creation, evolution and what makes it special
· When and where it is served
· Ingredients list (everything doesn’t need to be listed but we need to get a feel for what’s in the sandwich and the flavors you are creating)

The winners will be judged by staff at FM. Photos will play a large part in the winning sandwiches, so please ensure the photo does your item justice. We will also weigh heavily on the description of the sandwich and the story behind that offering.

Winners will be announced in June online and in the print magazine in the fall. Any questions can be addressed to Tara Fitzpatrick at [email protected].

Nominations are due May 18.

Enter now. 

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