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Incoming seniors: 5 ways “new” seniors will shake up foodservice

Seniors who haven’t yet moved into a senior living community have a different outlook than current residents. The latest Senior Food and Lifestyles study by Culinary Vision panel asked 500 “new” seniors what they’re leery about in terms of their dining future.

The baby boomers may be getting older, but this generation isn’t fading away; they’re enjoying a higher quality of life than ever before, even as many prepare to move into senior living communities. Surveys of seniors currently living in senior communities have shown high levels of satisfaction with the food. But “new” seniors—starting at age 55—are apprehensive about what will be on tap when and if the time comes to move into senior living. “Aging baby boomers are driving pressure for higher senior living standards, particularly when it comes to food,” says Sharon Olson, executive director of Culinary Visions Panel. Here are five ways we could see that happening.

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