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LAUSD to Expand Supper Program

LAUSD to Expand Supper Program

Move is expected to increase participation by 36 percent and is being budgeted to net $16.6 million in revenues.

The Los Angeles USD has announced the expansion of its After School Supper Program through Beyond the Bell outreach workers, who will conduct targeted on-campus and community outreach. Beyond the Bell is a program that works to provide access to high quality, safe, and supervised academic, enrichment, and recreation programs beyond school hours.

The expansion is expected to increase participation in the supper program by 36 percent and is budgeted to generate net revenues of $16.6 million. The supper program is fully funded through the USDA sponsored Child & Adult Care Food Program and any student 18 years old or younger can participate in the meal—served at least two hours after the school’s last lunch period—which includes milk, bread or grain, meat or meat alternative and two servings of different vegetables or fruits.

The expansion will include the addition of fresh prepared meals such as a Chipotle Chicken Salad Sandwich, Asian Salad and BBQ Chicken Slider.

“The After School Supper Program has been a positive impact for our children and school community,” says LAUSD Board Member Bennett Kayser. “The expansion of the Supper Program means students will get the nourishment they need to excel physically and academically.”

“The After School Supper Program aids our students in their academic performance in school,” adds Alvaro Cortés, executive director of Beyond The Bell Branch.  “The goal of the program is to provide those 18 and under access to a healthy meal.”

LAUSD currently serves approximately 70,000 supper meals a day at 584 schools. Overall, LAUSD currently serves more 127 million meals each year.

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