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Molecular Gastronomy Expert Tours Northeastern Colleges

Sodexo chef Gary Symolon demonstrates the uses of science in the art of food preparation.

Students on campuses across New England are sampling liquid nitrogen ice cream as Sodexo’s traveling chef takes his molecular gastronomy demonstration on the road. District Executive Chef Gary Symolon uses science and local dairy to create coffee and vanilla bean ice cream, along with chemistry-based toppings such as marshmallow dust made from freezing the mini marshmallows with the liquid nitrogen. Campuses Symolon is touring include Mitchell College, Central Connecticut State University, Babson College, Olin College for Engineering, Dean College and Providence College.

“We made it look very lab like and scientific, our lab professor Jeff Mallett was very supportive of the event,” says Ray Kluglein, general manager of dining services at Dean College. “We had molecular structures, beakers, test tubes, and all the personal protective equipment. Students got it right away, and couldn’t believe what we were doing. The frost made it look awesome.” 

The tour is part of Sodexo’s nationwide Go Big promotion to welcome students back to campus for another academic year.

“It was a really great event; everyone really enjoyed it and I can’t believe students tried the Garlic Ice Cream,” offers Cindy Kozil, vice president of student development and retention at Dean College.

“It was clear that students, faculty and staff thoroughly enjoyed the molecular gastronomy demonstration,” adds David Nadreau, general manager of dining services at Olin. “Chef Gary did a tremendous job explaining what was happening in each step.”

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