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New Tapingo program extends campus dining's reach to off-campus customers

New Tapingo program extends campus dining's reach to off-campus customers

Tapingo Delivers provides order/delivery from campus dining venues to off-campus customers.

The Tapingo mobile ordering application vendor for college campuses is launching a new service called Tapingo Delivers that will provide on-demand delivery from on-campus dining venues to on and off-campus customers.

It expands the reach and accessibility of campus meal plans and dining services by offering appealing meal options to students, faculty, and staff living off campus, the company claimed in a press release announcing the new product. The operations are completely handled by Tapingo, which uses its proprietary scheduling technology and a network of Tapingo Couriers to get food to customers.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide our partners with new revenue streams without impacting their workflow, and this is a big win-win for the campus community,” said Tapingo Founder/CEO Daniel Almog. “Tapingo Delivers provides the ultimate convenience for students by bringing fresh, healthy meals to their doorstep, while campuses can extend their sales beyond traditional campus dining locations and dorms.”

Campus administrators quoted by Tapingo in its press release noted that Tapingo Delivers solves a key problem by leveraging existing dining operations. “Tapingo Delivers is helping us overcome the challenge of extending dining services throughout our tech-savvy student body,” said Todd Millay, University of Arizona’s Assistant Director, Retail and Contract Management. “By handling 100% of the technology, staffing, and overhead, Tapingo is making all this possible with minimal input on our end.”

Launched in 2012, Tapingo operates on more than 90 U.S. and Canadian campuses with its meal ordering service.

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